Stephen Ronan  - The goddess Hekate

Stephen Ronan - The goddess Hekate

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The goddess Hekate (Studies in ancient pagan and Christian religion & philosophy)

Hekate is a much heard of, but little understood, Goddess of the Pan-Hellenic pantheon. Her cult was among the most vigorous of the ancient Pagan world as evidenced by the condemnations of the 11th century Church against offerings left to Her at the places where three roads meet. Today She is mostly known as a Moon Goddess and Queen of the Witches and in some parts of the Wiccan and Goddess movements, She is given great honor. Yet to penetrate Her history and the depth of Her character requires searching through hard to find and out of print source texts and reference materials. Knowing Greek is also essential. Now Stephan Ronan has gathered together the best of the classical scholarship written in English into one small handy volume, The Goddess Hekate.