Simon Craft - Dragon tradition wicca: a new walk down an old path

Simon Craft - Dragon tradition wicca: a new walk down an old path

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There are two possibilities that are likely as to why you are
reading this book. You may be new to Wicca looking for a
place to start, or you may be experienced in Wicca and
interested in learning about our tradition.

In either case, we thank-you for your interest in Dragon
Tradition. This book does not teach Wicca. It teaches the
foundations and concepts unique to Dragon Tradition and how
they relate to Wicca. We encourage those new to Wicca to
read a variety of sources because only you will know what fits
you personally. It is not our place to tell you what you believe.

From the 1950s to 1970s all students of Wicca were brought
into the tradition of the coven, and coven initiation required
serious study. The numbers were small, but the meaning and
value of Wicca were clear.

In the 1980s and beyond, this changed. Wicca gradually
became seen as part of the New Age movement. Books
teaching Wicca were all the rage and there was a shift away
from coven practice with its strict study. This time was a boom
for the number of people practicing Wicca and unfortunately
the beginning of the dilution of what it means to be a Wiccan.

In the last ten years, the dilution of Wicca has gotten steadily
worse with the “Wicca is whatever I want it to be” dabblers,
their Indian spirit guides, Asian philosophy, and fat-free yogurt.

I’m not suggesting that everyone chargeback to strict coven
practice. It is possible to be eclectic and be Wiccan. That is
what Dragon Tradition is about, being eclectic without losing
touch with the spirit of Wicca