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Issued by the
Thelemic Order and Temple
of the Golden Dawn
(Novus Ordo Aureae Aurora)

In Association with
New Falcon Publications and
the Israel Regardie Foundation, Inc.

By Sir David Cherubim
(Frater Superior Chief)

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

In the Exalted Name of the Sun Ra-Hoor, and by His Mighty and
Supreme Benediction of Force and Fire: May His Great Light of
Power be upon you all, so that in each of your hands may be
positioned the One Flaming Sword of His Omnipotent Strength and
Might, and so that you may become free warriors of Our Lord the
Sun in our most holy and exalted army of free and courageous men
and women, which most exalted army we know under the chosen name
of the Novus Ordo Aureae Aurora, which is unlike the Old Order
insofar as that its Ceremonies and Teachings are dedicated to the
essential and inevitable establishment of the Law of Thelema
which is the Law of the New Aeon. The Old Order of the Golden
Dawn, which was organized in the Old Aeon of Osiris, was
subjected to the awful restrictions and limitations of the past,
whereas the New Order of the Golden Dawn is free from the fetters
of the Old Age of Restriction, and its Great Work is the Liberty
of every individual in the Dawning Light of the Rising Sun of
this New Aeon of Horus.