Min Tzu, Tzu Min - Chinese Taoist Sorcery: The Art Of Getting Even

Min Tzu, Tzu Min - Chinese Taoist Sorcery: The Art Of Getting Even

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The five thousand year old principles of Taoist sorcery are unveiled in this extraordinary book.

In this book you will find out about:

* The Circle of Wizards and its awesome powers, capable of influencing individuals and countries
* The nature of good and evil
* The nature of ghosts
* The nature and meaning of the soul
* The devil's disciples and their goals
* The nature of the hereafter
* The real principles behind religion
* Chinese sorcery in politics and economics
* Chinese sorcery in the military
* Geomancy: the fate of houses and other places
* The nature of icons
* The principles of reincarnation
* The strange facts of life and death
* Food spells

You will also discover:

* How to ask the gods for money and success
* How to counter negative spells
* How to neutralize enemies
* How to use Chinese sorcery in gambling
* How to improve or bankrupt a business
* How to oppose negative entities
* How to eradicate bad luck
* How sorcery is used in real estate
* How dead relatives can help you
* How to unite people in marriage
* How to protect children from evil influences
* How to fight lawsuits
* How to protect yourself while travelling
* How to defend yourself against jealous co-workers

And many more principles and ways to deal with most negative contingencies in life