Maiden Moon -  An Advanced Wicca 101

Maiden Moon - An Advanced Wicca 101

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The title ‘Maiden Moon’ is a reference to the Goddess in Maiden form. It was chosen with respect to her symbolism of growth and idealism. It is hoped that the spirit of your entrance into Wicca will be the same.
Maiden Moon is a self-study guide for dedication to Wicca. It is not the ultimate resource on Wicca, nor is it meant to be. The teachings included are sufficiently broad to present Wicca with minimal bias. It is possible to use this book as an entrance to eclectic practice or any Wiccan tradition and apply what you have learned.

You will likely find that Maiden Moon is quite different from most modern (1990s+) books on Wicca. This book covers Wicca in all three forms namely: Eclectic, Reformed Traditional, and Orthodox Traditional. Most of today’s books only cover Eclectic Wicca and as such, present incomplete and seriously biased teaching. Another difference is that Maiden Moon is quite open about issues commonly avoided by modern authors who overlook sensitive issues under the guise of being politically correct. When given the responsibility of honestly teaching Wicca, I cannot and will not overlook such issues

I will not apologize if this book is more difficult than most. Wicca is a participatory religion that requires effort and self-discipline to learn. If you want a soft friendly “Easy Wicca in Ten Minutes” then this book is not for you.

On a final note, please be aware that I am not trying to push you into Wicca; in fact, quite the opposite is true. If Wicca does not fit you personally, then keep looking for what does fit. It is not my place to tell you what to believe.