Karl Hans Welz - Magic Of The Future

Karl Hans Welz - Magic Of The Future

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This is not just another introduction into "magick" nor has it much to do
with the run off the mill book of "magick" where you find at first some talk about
the spirituality of magic, then somewhere between pages 10 and 20 the tree of life,
then elaborate descriptions of rituals and so on.

Magic existed long before the invention of the tree of life. In fact, most of the powerful magicians on our planet do not even know the tree of life. Such a "lack of knowledge" does not inhibit their power at all. Evidently there must be some principle in magick that goes beyond religious doctrine. There must be a magickal science that we can develop from the common functioning principle (CFP) of all magic.

Equalling magic with the tree of life or any other outcropping of religious creeds would be to falsely identify the map with the territory. The map is never the territory it represents! Such identification is always wrong, no matter how useful the map may be at first. The magical systems that have their roots
in the tree of life have been useful and to some extent comprehensive. However, the universe is not the tree of life. The tree of life is just another mapping that is of use for the magician.