John Richard Putignano  - Liber Sitra Ahra - ארחא ארתיס

John Richard Putignano - Liber Sitra Ahra - ארחא ארתיס

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The Sect had its earliest roots set back in the year 2005, I had the idea for the Sect after a lucid dream. At this point, I had been studying Kabala frequently, and as I discovered the Qliphoth, I felt my world-changing. I decided to form an organization, for I felt others would help my progression in understanding the secrets of the universe. This was a small group with no name who could discuss the subject matter. After some time passed, and many ideas were developed, these ideas were placed compiled and organized into what is known today as the Tome of Ahriman, a book that no one on the outside was supposed to view, a secret book which only us in this inner order would ever see. This book began to pave the way.