Hill M.D., J. H.  - Astral Worship

Hill M.D., J. H. - Astral Worship

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“A valuable contribution to the current discussion of religious problems. Proceeding on lines parallel to those followed by Robert Taylor in his Astro-Theological Lectures, the author traces most of the myths which lie at the base of Christianity to their origin in sun and star worship, or to the natural phenomena which played so important a part in those systems. The astronomical facts given possess great value aside from their relation to Christian mythology.” -The Free Thought Magazine, Volume 15, 1897

"We must believe that the Christian religion, instead of being of Divine authenticity, as popularly claimed, is purely and entirely of human origin, and that all its teachings relative to a future state are but priestly inventions, concocted for the purpose of enslaving the ignorant masses.”

“Since religion inculcates a salvation that does not save, let us rise superior to its false teachings and, accepting science as the true savior of mankind, find our whole duty in the code of natural morality, the spirit of which is embodied in that comprehensive precept known as the golden rule, which, is the outgrowth of the discovered necessities of association, without which society could not exist, it necessarily constituted man's sole rule and guide long before priest or temple; and founded in the eternal principles of right, truth and justice must remain as man's sole rule and guide when priest and church are numbered among the things that were. Spirit of progress! speed the day when all mankind, redeemed from the bondage of superstition, will recognize the great truth that nature, governed by her own inherent forces, is all that has been, all that is and all that shall be; and that, ceasing to indulge in the vain hope of a blissful immortality in a paradise beyond the stars, will make a real paradise of this old earth of ours.”