George Percy Badger  - The Nestorians and Their Rituals, Vol. 1

George Percy Badger - The Nestorians and Their Rituals, Vol. 1

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Excerpt from The Nestorians and Their Rituals, Vol. 1: With the Narrative of a Mission to Mesopotamia and Coordistan in 1842-1844, and of a Late Visit to Those Countries in 1850

P.s. The ms. Of these volumes was forwarded to England and offered to several London publishers, who declined publish Ing it at their own risk, and as the author was not in circumstances to incur the expense of sending it to the press, he had well-nigh abandoned the hope of seeing the work in print. At this juncture, an esteemed friend obtained for him the acquaintance of Mr. J. Masters, who at once submitted the ms. To the perusal of the Rev. J. M. Neale, Warden of Sackville College. The favorable opinion formed of the work by that gentleman induced Mr. Masters to undertake its publication, and the zeal which he has manifested in its eventual success calls for the author's sincere thanks. The kindness of Mr. Neale led him, moreover, to offer his services to revise the proof sheets and to supply some notes in the illustration of the text. The author most gratefully acknowledges the obligation which this timely and valuable assistance has conferred upon him, - ah assistance the more to be appreciated since it was proffered to a stranger.