Eliphas Lévi  - Elements of the Qabalah

Eliphas Lévi - Elements of the Qabalah

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You wish to believe, you say. For this, it is enough to know and to love the truth. For the true faith is the unshakeable adhesion of the mind to the necessary deductions of science in conjectural infinity. Only occult sciences give certitude, for they have their bases in realities and not in dreams. In every religious symbol, they bring out the true and the false. What is true is the same everywhere, but falsehoods spring up according to places, times and people. These sciences are three: the Qabalah, Magic, and Hermeticism. The Qabalah, or traditional science of the Hebrews, might be called the mathematics of human thought. It is (he algebra of faith. It solves all problems of the soul as equations, by isolating the unknowns. It gives to ideas the clarity and rigorous exactitude of numbers; its results, for the mind, are infallibility (always relative, however, to the sphere of human knowledge) and for the heart, profound peace. Magic, or the science of the magi, has its ancient representatives in the disciples, and perhaps the teachers, of Zoroaster. It is the knowledge of secret and particular laws of nature that produce hidden forces, magnets and loadstones which may exist even outside the realm of metal.