Book 1 of Wicca

Book 1 of Wicca

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All One Wicca:Introduction

This has nothing to do with "New Age."

Footnote:The word "faith" is used here as opposed to Religion. A Faith is a non-specific religion or religious Philosophy, like Christianity. Religions within the Christian Faith include Catholicism, Fundamentalism, Protestantism, Vineyard Christianity and more.

...It has everything to do with religion.
The reason people justify the classification of things like this with such a masterpiece of euphemism is simple: This religion, My religion, is uncommon enough to be passed over by most, and common enough to scare the proverbial "Hell" out of those who fear any change (and have such a thing to be scared out of.) We are everywhere, and if the idea of a non-Christian baby-sitter or doctor frightens you, then be frightened.