Benjamin Rowe - The Book Of The Archer

Benjamin Rowe - The Book Of The Archer

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I. Preparation of the Lamen or Pantacle

Aleph. The student shall prepare a copy of his natal astrological chart. He should endeavor to make the chart as accurate as possible.

Beth. He shall learn the significance of the planets, signs and houses in practical astrology. But let him take these meanings as signposts only, not as complete and true definitions.

Gimel. Let him memorize the positions of the significant points within the chart, such as the planets, house cusps, etc.

Daleth. He shall visualize the wheel of the zodiac as a spokeless rim, with the signs engraved thereon in the appropriate colors, each taking up exactly one- twelfth of the wheel. He shall practice this visualization until he can hold it in his mind's eye indefinitely.