Anna Franklin - Lammas: Celebrating the Fruits of the First Harvest

Anna Franklin - Lammas: Celebrating the Fruits of the First Harvest

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Once a prominent Celtic festival is known as Lughnasa (from the Gaelic násad, games or assembly, of Lugh, a Celtic deity and hero), Lammas is a joyful celebration of the first harvest. In an age when crops can be imported all year round, we tend to forget just how important this time was to our ancestors―the failure of the harvest meant starvation and death. Early August was a time to celebrate the fruits of the first harvest and work positive magic for prosperity and protection.

Explore the origins, customs, and lore of Lughnasa and learn about similar festivals around the world, including Celtic, Norse, Roman, Egyptian, Russian, English, and Native American celebrations. Lammas includes a host of ideas for celebrating the bounty of the earth:

• Prepare mouth-watering recipes for seasonal food, wine, and incense
• Perform Lughnasa spells, songs, games, and rituals, including a traditional Witch ritual, never before published
• Make traditional crafts including corn dollies, sacred masks, totem shields, and

Compared to well-known Celtic holidays such as May Day (Beltane) and Halloween (Samhain), few people are familiar with the lore of Lughnasa. Even modern Wiccan books rarely devote more than a few pages to the Lammas celebration. Whether you're just starting on the path or are an experienced Witch looking for a new perspective on this ancient festival, you'll find that Lammas is a cornucopia of history, folklore, recipes, spells, and rituals.