Best Defense Against the Dark Arts or Black Magic, Books to Purchase.

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Donald michael Kraig - Modern Magick: Twelve Lessons in the High Magickal Arts

Dion Fortune - Psychic Self-Defense

ED Hubbard - Witch Wars Defense Manual

In the Pagan community the battle for identity and credibility is ongoing. Gaining respect of society, culture, family, friends, and other desirables occupies the time of so many Pagans. In this environment you can expect attacks from many outside sources and yet the ultimate conflict is credibility within our own community. Out of this desire for respect and having a voice, conflicts from different viewpoints emerge. Often these conflicts emerge to become what is known as a "witch war" and the participants engage in battle of words, thoughts, and, occasionally, a few 

More than the basics but a full out battle occurs.  

This classic psychic self-defense guide explains how to understand the signs of a psychic attack, vampirism, hauntings, and methods of defense.

Everything you need to know about the methods, motives, and physical aspects of a psychic attack and how to overcome it is here, along with a look at the role psychic elements play in mental illness and how to recognize them.

These are some of the best guides to detection and defense against a psychic attack from one of the leading occult writers of the 20th century.

  • The inner mysteries of the Kabalah
  • The most powerful rituals of magick
  • How to create and perform your own rituals
  • True meditation
  • Magickal ethics
  • Astral projection
  • Tools of magick
  • Evocation of spirits
  • Pathworking
  • Tantra and sex magick
  • The importance of the Tarot
  • Talismans and amulets
  • Secrets of visualization
  • Alchemy
  • Psychic self-defense
  • Healing rituals

Filled with personal stories and helpful illustrations, along with updated and brand-new material, this new edition of Modern Magick features a completely new lesson that reveals the concepts, techniques, and rituals of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Chaos Magick, and Postmodern Magick. Ideal for beginning, intermediate, or advanced students, and perfect as a manual for magickal temples, this is essential reading for every true magician.


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